GKT, s.r.o.
Complete order realization in the Czech republic

Section: Mechanical engineering

  • steel construction
  • machined weldments
  • castings
  • forgings
  • machined parts with or without heat treatment
  • all products with or without assembly and with or without coating, zinc plated
  • steel and stainless steel products

Organization address:
GKT, s.r.o., 580 01 Havlickuvv Brod, Nadrazni 397, P.O. Box 14, Czech republic

Tel: 00420/569 424 170
Fax: 00420/569 423 198
E-mail: gkt@gkt.cz

Communication available in:
German, English, Russian, Czech

GKT, s.r.o. is 100% subsidiary of the Dutch company Genius Klinkenberg

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